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Stack stoves are made with traditional techniques, and are equipped with combustion systems that meet the requirements of energy saving and low environmental impact.

Early from the mid-nineties, La Castellamonte started a series of tests and certifications processes, initially with the Polytechnic of Turin and then at the certifying agency IMQ Prima ControlIMQ, which has validated its efficiency and environment respect.

The ceramic structure, produced with ancient techniques, has a high percentage of handwork and is highly resistant to thermal dilation. The surface, even as it becomes hot, is not red-hot and meets  safety standards. The glass door, allowing a continuous control of combustion and brazier, without having to be opened, creates a pleasant visual comfort. The self-cleaning glass supports this feature.

The cast iron or steel fireplace, with a coating of refractory material, is equipped with a technological device which creates a double combustion, promoting very high thermal efficiency (from 75 to 87%) and the total cleaning of the exhaust smokes (very low percentage of carbon monoxide and particulates pollutants), as required by the strictest European and international standards.


From July 1st 2007 the stoves that are sold in Italy and in Europe must have, STATUTORY, in addition to the CE marking, the reporting, through a plaque affixed to the stove, of the values measured by a Certification Board, authorized by the Ministry, in compliance with the European standard EN 13240. They relate to:

  • nominal heat output in kW
  • emissions of carbon monoxide
  • percentage of dust
  • nominal thermal efficiency

In order to declare these values, La Castellamonte stoves have been tested at IMQ Prima ControlIMQ, which found them in compliance and issued the relevant certifications. These latter are necessary for the tax deductions (Italy).

Some models of the Stack line comply with the requirements of environmental laws enacted by Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and North America. - as indicated in the single models pages.






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All our stoves are 

certified by imq 
according to the European Norm UNI EN 13240, 
and equipped with the CE label.

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