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Thermo Stack


Thermo Stack is a stove-radiators heating system (waterstove), revolutionary in architecture and core technology, based on modular components, highly customizable and easy to assemble. In this way, a set of components can be combined to create stove-radiators systems, different in shapes, colors, architecture and power, allowing the user a high level of customization of the product, according to his needs.
The optimization of the production processes, in addition to the technical excellence of this heating system patented, allow to define this product as environmentally friendly because it combines, with great attention, all those quality, performance and durability ingredients that are the basis of a true green economy.

Patent n° 0001416182 – May 22nd 2015

Thermo Stack is available in 2 models, depending on the chosen base: wood or slim. Each model is 128cm high. The base measurements vary according to the model, as indicated in the drawings below and in the Stack Stoves catalogue. It heats up to 260 m3 with a nominal heat output of 9 kW, giving 5 kW to convection airand 4 kW for radiators and sanitary water.

Thermo Stack has the following certifications:

  • CE
  • BimSchV2 (Germany)

ThermoStack with StackStoveThermoStack Towers

Functional Scheme
Thermo Stack

ThermoStack - schema funzionale

1. Waterstove La Castellamonte
2. Opened expansion tank with float
3. Overflow drainage
4. System water
5. Insulated security pipe of 1 inch minimum
6. Load pipe of 1 inch minimum
7. Delivery pipe of 1 inch minimum
8. Return pipe of 1 inch minimum
9. Water pump
10. Temperature sensor to start the circulation pump
11. Waterstove electric control
12. Waterstove drain
13. Collector
14. Radiators
15. Accumulation tank


Functional Scheme
Thermo Stack with generic source of hot water

Schema Thermo Tower

Technical Data

Heat Output*: kW 9
Output to Air: kW 5
Output to Water: kW 4
Heating Capacity: mq 260
Sfficiency: % 85
Carbon Monoxide Emission: % 0,08
Dust: mg/Nmq 30
Smoke Temperature: °C 210
Flue Pipe Diameter: cm 15
Draft: Pa 12
Total Weight: kg 330
  • *Complies UNI EN 13240 DEUTSCHLAND BimSchV 2

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