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Round Stack 2nd Size with heat accumulation system

RondStack 2a Misura

Round Stack 2nd Size with heat accumulation system is available in 5 models, depending on the chosen base: wood, slim, rim, long and side. Each model is 137cm high with a 51cm diameter. The base measurements vary according to the model, as indicated in the drawings below and in the Stack Stoves catalogue. It heats up to 260 m3 with a nominal heat output of 7,5 kW. The accumulation heat exchanger allows a lower wood consumption and a higher heating and radiating autonomy, since the standard air heat exchanger is replaced with an exchanger equipped with refractory modules that accumulate the heat for a longer time: with a total wood consumption of 8kg, 4 hours burn are obtained and 10/12 hours of radiation without charging the fireplace.

Round Stack 2nd size with heat accumulation system has the following certifications:

  • CE
  • BimSchV2 (Germany)

Functional Scheme

Schema RoundStack 2a misura con accumulatore di calore

Technical Data

Heat Output*: kW 7,5

Minimum and maximum heat output:

kW 4 - 9
Heating Capacity: m3 100-260
Efficiency: % 80,5
Carbon Monoxide Emission: % 0,07
Dust: mg/Nmq 6
Wood Consumption: kg/h 2,2
Smoke Temperature: °C 213
Flue Pipe Diameter: cm 15
Draft: Pa 12
Total Weight: kg 260
  • *Complies UNI EN 13240 DEUTSCHLAND BimSchV 2
  • Wood-Fired Heating

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