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Round Stack 1st Size

RoundStack 1a misura long

Round Stack 1st Size is available in 5 models, depending on the chosen base: wood, slim, rim, long and side. Each model is 113cm high with a 51cm diameter. The base measurements vary according to the model, as indicated in the drawings below and in the Stack Stoves catalogue.

Round Stack 1st Size has the following certifications:
  • CE
  • 15-A (Austria)
  • VKF-AEAI (Switzerland)
  • BimSchV2 (Germany)
  • EPA (USA and Canada)


RoundStack 1a Misura Slim
RoundStack 1a Misura Slim - dimensioni
Round Stack 1st Size a Slim
RoundStack 1a Misura Long
RoundStack 1a Misura Long dimensioni
Round Stack 1st Size Long
RoundStack 1a Misura Wood
RoundStack 1a Misura Wood
Round Stack 1st Size Wood
RoundStack 1a Misura Rim
RoundStack 1a Misura Rim
Round Stack 1st Size Rim
RoundStack 1a Misura Side
RoundStack 1a Misura Side
RoundStack 1st Size Side

Functional Scheme

Scheeme StackStoves Round 1st size

Technical Data

Heat Output*: kW 6,5
Minimum and maximum heat output: kW 4 - 8
Heating Capacity: m3 100-230
Efficiency: % 84
Carbon Monoxide Emission: % 0,09
Dust: mg/Nmq 11
Wood Consumption: kg/h 1,9
Smoke Temperature: °C 201
Flue Pipe Diameteri: cm 15
Draft: Pa 12
Total Weight: kg 230
  • *Complies UNI EN 13240 DEUTSCHLAND BimSchV 2
  • Wood-Fired Heating

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All our stoves are 

certified by imq 
according to the European Norm UNI EN 13240, 
and equipped with the CE label.

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