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Round Stack

Round Stack has a cylindrical shape. It is available in five models, depending on the type of base

Round Stack

Cubi Stack

Cubi Stack is available in 2 models, depending on the chosen base

Cubi Stack

Termo Stack

Thermo Stack is a stove-radiators heating system (waterstove)

Termo Stack

The Stack line is enriched by Cookin Stack e Mini Stack


Stack is the line of stoves born from the cooperation between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design. An innovative line of stoves, able to combine the technological aspects of combustion optimization, from time achieved by La Castellamonte through research and development - started in the '90 on all their products - with a design specifically conceived by Adriano Design and based on modular components.
Stack reinterprets the ancient tradition of ceramic stoves through a contemporary form, in accordance with new housing needs. Its modular structure allows an easy adaptation to every energy need in every living space. The fireplace and the recycler of the Stack Stoves reach yields and smoke emission parameters in line with the strictest environmental regulations, both European and international, allowing an important consumption optimization. The ceramic coating, produced with ancient techniques, makes the design even more attractive and fascinating. Its long life gains in value and quality, giving the stove an investment valence.

La Castellamonte has been pursuing a winning philosophy for years: preserving the ceramic tradition of Castellamonte, while technologically innovating its products to the most demanding markets in terms of environmental protection and energy saving.

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according to the European Norm UNI EN 13240, 
and equipped with the CE label.

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